Connect your membership publication to hundreds of external tools and apps using Zapier and power-up your workflows.

Using Ghost with Zapier makes it possible to connect your site to thousands of your favourite apps and tools without having to write any code.

Ghost and Zapier

Ghost already contains built-in support for Zapier which works with Triggers and Actions to build powerful automations.

Here's a few examples:

  • When a new subscriber is added to an email list in Mailchimp (Trigger) Zapier can send the subscribers name and email address into Ghost Members (Action)
  • When a new Patron is added in Patreon (Trigger) Zapier can send the patrons name and email address into Ghost Members (Action)
  • When a new member signs up in Ghost (Trigger) Zapier can trigger a welcome email series created in ConvertKit (Action)

Get started

To get started, use one of the popular recommended zaps to setup automations in a couple of clicks:

Create a custom Zap

If you can't find the exact integration you're looking for, try creating one from scratch. Explore thousands of apps and configurations over at