Turn your members into paying subscribers with straightforward subscriptions and start generating predictable revenue.

Once you have a way for members to sign in to your site, you can then ask them to support your work with recurring subscriptions. Ghost unlocks the ability to take credit card and Apple Pay payments using a built-in Stripe integration.

Connect your Stripe account

We've built an integration with Stripe that allows you to connect your Stripe account to Ghost to take payments.

For security, only site owners are able to access the members settings page and all customer information from your site is stored securely and automated with Stripe Billing.

Create your own pricing model

Control the economics of your membership business and create your own pricing. Whether you want to attract a larger audience at a lower price point, or a dedicated following for a premium fee.

You have full control and you can change and test your pricing structure any time from the members settings page within your site's admin dashboard.

Get paid

Best of all: Any revenue you make from your paid blog, community or newsletter is entirely yours. Ghost takes 0% of your sales.

You'll also benefit from the fastest possible payments, since your revenue will be paid directly to you from Stripe. We don't hold your funds or enforce monthly payment schedules.