Manage, track, moderate and support your members with ease using the Ghost members dashboard.

Keep all of your members information in one place with a dashboard that allows you to search for members, add notes, import and export lists and more.

Members Dashboard in Ghost

Member management

The members dashboard has a simple, intuitive interface that allows you to scroll through your full members list, or search by name or email.

This makes it easy to perform simple member admin tasks and keep track of how your membership business is performing.

Member profiles

Each member has a profile with all of the information you'll need at a glance.

Members profiles in Ghost

Name and notes

You can add a member's name and additional notes about their subscription or any other useful information that you want to save for later in the basic info section.

Quick access billing in Stripe

A handy link to the Stripe customer ID allows you to quickly access a member's profile in your Stripe account. This is useful if you need to address billing issues, change their plan or apply credit.

Check out the Stripe Dashboard docs to find out more about operating your Stripe account.

Deleting members

It's important to give your members and subscribers some contact information so they can get in touch with you if they have any queries, or want to modify or cancel their subscription.

The member management profiles have a delete button at the bottom if you need to permanently delete a member and their data from your site.