Import email subscribers from Mailchimp directly to your Ghost membership website and give your audience access to members-only content.

A great way to get started with a membership website is to invite your existing audience and give them access to members-only content. Ghost allows you to import a list of emails directly from Mailchimp, or you can automate this process to send all new subscribers directly into Ghost.

This means your subscribers will be able to access members-only content on your Ghost site using a sensible email based login flow. The best part: you can set all of this up without a single line of code.

CSV imports

In your Mailchimp account, navigate to your Audience tab and ensure you have applied the correct filters of the subscribers you'd like to export. Once you're done, click "Export audience". Read more about exports in Mailchimp in their help docs.

In Ghost, you can import a CSV file with three headings: email, name and note. Email is the only required field to make this integration work, but if you have names or additional notes we'd recommend importing them now.

Once your CSV is good to go, login to your site's admin and click the settings icon in the members dashboard to import your CSV of subscribers.

That's it - you can now let your email list know that they can head to your website and enter their email address to access members-only content.

Sync subscribers automatically

The above method is great for getting started with importing your existing audience to Ghost. You might also want to automate this process in the future, so that all new subscribers automatically have access to members-only content.

You can use our official Zapier integration to connect your Patreon account with Ghost and make sure that new patrons who make a pledge can access members-only content on your Ghost publication.

Even more flexible integrations

Zapier allows you to automate a wide range of tasks to connect your favourite tools and improve workflows. Other popular ways to integrate Ghost with Mailchimp include:

  • Send an onboarding campaign to new members - welcome them to your site and let them know what they can expect
  • Send daily/weekly/monthly email newsletters to paid-members as an additional member benefit
  • Add members to nurturing campaigns to prevent churn, or to promote your paid subscriptions
  • Sync your email list when someone deletes their membership in Ghost