Ghost is stewarded by an independent non-profit organisation called the Ghost Foundation, which is a fully remote company

Core team

In addition to full time product team working for Ghost Foundation, there are a number of community members who have contributed to the project for a lengthy period of time and are considered part of the core team. They are:

How core team members are added

People typically invited to join the Core Team officially after an extended period of successful contribution to Ghost and demonstrating good judgement. In particular, this means having humility, being open to feedback and changing their mind, knowing the limits of their abilities and being able to communicate all of these things such that it is noticed. Good judgement is what produces trust, not quality, quantity or pure technical skill.

When we believe a core contributor would make a great ambassador for Ghost and feel able to trust them to make good decisions about its future - that's generally when we'll ask them to become a member of the formal Core Team.

Core Team members are granted commit rights to Ghost projects, access to the Ghost Foundation private Slack, and occasionally join our international team retreats.

Community guidelines

All participation in the Ghost community is subject to our incredibly straightforward code of conduct and wider community guidelines.

The vast majority of the Ghost community is incredible, and we work hard to make sure it stays that way. We always welcome people who are friendly and participate constructively, but we outright ban anyone who is behaving in a poisonous manner.

Ghost Trademark

Ghost is a registered trademark of Ghost Foundation Ltd. We're happy to extend a flexible usage license of the Ghost trademark to community projects, companies and individuals, however it please read the Ghost trademark usage policy before using the Ghost name in your project.