Safely removes a Ghost installation and all related configuration & data.

Use with caution - this command completely removes a Ghost install along with all of its related data and config. There is no recovery from this if you have no backups.

The command ghost uninstall must be executed in the directory containing the Ghost install that you would like to remove.

The following prompts appear:

WARNING: Running this command will delete all of your themes, images, data, and any files related to this Ghost instance!`
> There is no going back!
> Are you sure you want to do this?

Type Y to confirm, or N to abort.

The following tasks are performed:

  • stop ghost
  • disable systemd if necessary
  • remove the content folder
  • remove any related systemd or nginx configuration
  • remove the remaining files inside the install folder

⚠ Running ghost uninstall --no-prompt or ghost uninstall --force will skip the warning and remove Ghost without a prompt.