View the access and error logs from your Ghost site (not the CLI).

By default ghost log outputs the last 20 lines from the access log file for the site in the current folder.

Log Behaviour

Ghost's default log config creates log files in the content/logs directory, and creates two different files:

  1. An access log that contains all log levels, named e.g. [site_descriptor].log
  2. An error log that contains error-level logs only, named e.g. [site_descriptor].error.log

The site descriptor follows the pattern [proto]__[url]__[env] e.g. http__localhost_2368__development or https__mysite_com__production. The files are be rotated, therefore you may see many numbered files in the content/logs directory.


# View last 20 lines of access logs
ghost log

# View logs for a specific Ghost instance (use ghost ls to find the name)
ghost log [name]

# View logs for the Ghost instance called ghost-local
ghost log ghost-local


Run ghost log --help for more detailed information.

# Show 100 log lines
ghost log -n 100, ghost log --number 100

# Show only the error logs
ghost log -e, ghost log --error

# Show 50 lines of the error log
ghost log -n 50 -e

# Follow the logs (e.g like tail -f)
ghost log -f, ghost log --follow

# Follow the error log
ghost log -fe

# Show logs for the Ghost instance in a specific directory
ghost log --dir /path/to/site/


There may be some output from Ghost that doesn't appear in the log files, so for debugging purposes you may also want to try the ghost run command.

If you have a custom log configuration the ghost log command may not work for you. In particular the ghost log command requires that file logging is enabled. See the logging configuration docs for more information.