Use the help command to access a list of possible ghost-cli commands when required.

This command is your port of call when you want to discover a list of available commands in the Ghost-CLI. You can call it at any time ✨


  ghost buster                 Who ya gonna call? (Runs `yarn cache clean`)
  ghost config [key] [value]   View or edit Ghost configuration
  ghost doctor [categories..]  Check the system for any potential hiccups when installing/updating
  ghost install [version]      Install a brand new instance of Ghost
  ghost log [name]             View the logs of a Ghost instance
  ghost ls                     View running ghost processes
  ghost migrate                Run system migrations on a Ghost instance
  ghost restart                Restart the Ghost instance
  ghost run                    Run a Ghost instance directly (used by process managers and for
  ghost setup [stages..]       Setup an installation of Ghost (after it is installed)
  ghost start                  Start an instance of Ghost
  ghost stop [name]            Stops an instance of Ghost
  ghost uninstall              Remove a Ghost instance and any related configuration files
  ghost update [version]       Update a Ghost instance
  ghost version                Prints out Ghost-CLI version (and Ghost version if one exists)

Global Options:
  --help             Show help                                                             [boolean]
  -d, --dir          Folder to run command in
  -D, --development  Run in development mode                                               [boolean]
  -V, --verbose      Enable verbose output                                                 [boolean]
  --prompt           [--no-prompt] Allow/Disallow UI prompting             [boolean] [default: true]
  --color            [--no-color] Allow/Disallow colorful logging          [boolean] [default: true]
  --auto             Automatically run as much as possible                [boolean] [default: false]


It's also possible to run ghost install --help and ghost setup --help to get a specific list of commands and help for the install and setup processes. Don't worry - you got this! 💪