Ghost provides the filter parameter to fetch your content with endless possibilities! Especially useful for retrieving posts according to their tags, authors or other properties.

Ghost uses the NQL query language to create filters in a simple yet powerful string format. See the NQL Syntax Reference for full details.

Filters are provided to client libraries via the filter property of any browse method.

api.posts.browse({filter: 'featured:true'});

Incorrectly formatted filters will result in a 400 Bad Request Error. Filters that don't match any data will return an empty array.

Working Example

const api = new GhostContentAPI({
  host: '',
  key: '22444f78447824223cefc48062',
  version: 'v2'

// fetch 5 posts, including related tags and authors
    filter: 'tag:fiction+tag:-fables'
.then((posts) => {
    posts.forEach((post) => {
.catch((err) => {

Common Filters

  • featured:true - all resources with a field featured that is set to true.
  • featured:true+feature_image:null - looks for featured posts which don't have a feature image set by using + (and).
  • tag:hash-noimg - tag is an alias for tags.slug and hash-noimg would be the slug for an internal tag called #NoImg. This filter would allow us to find any post that has this internal tag.
  • tags:[photo, video, audio] - filters posts which have any one of the listed tags, [] (grouping) is more efficient than using or when querying the same field.
  • primary_author:my-author - primary_author is an alias for the first author, allowing for filtering based on the first author.
  • published_at:>'2017-06-03 23:43:12' - looks for posts published after a date, using a date string wrapped in single quotes and the > operator