The @labs variable provides access to global data properties, which are available anywhere in your theme.

For each feature listed with a checkbox in the settings/labs/ section of a site, the @labs global will provide a boolean flag which tells the theme developer whether or not the feature is enabled.

As of Ghost 1.0.0, there are two features which can be detected:

  • {{@labs.publicAPI}} – true if the Public API feature is enabled (enabled by default)
  • {{@labs.subscribers}} – true if the Subscribers feature is enabled (disabled by default)


Test if subscribers is enabled before outputting HTML elements to surround a subscribe form, or before adding a subscribe button.

{{#if @labs.subscribers}}
<div class="subscribe-form">

It is also possible to test if the publicAPI is enabled before using the get helper:

{{#if @labs.publicAPI}}
<div class="latest-posts">
{{#get "posts" limit="3"}}...{{/get}}

Note: when these features are moved out of beta in future, there will be a point at which these properties are deprecated. Therefore it is very important to keep your theme up-to-date.