2019 Update

Hello, Ghost 3.0

A new business model for publishing, a more powerful headless CMS and a refined publishing experience.

(oh, also, we raised $5,000,000)

Members & subscriptions

Turn anonymous views into an engaged audience with member signups. Turn that audience into a real business with subscription revenue.

Paid newsletters, premium publications and members-only blogs are all possible.

The new business model

Stripe payments

Connect to Stripe and start taking payments directly, Ghost takes 0% fees.

Publisher Weekly

We've launched a curated weekly newsletter about the most important stories, ideas and independent publishing resources.

Ghost in The JAMstack

Build blazing-fast sites using the Ghost JSON API as a flexible headless CMS to create and manage your content. Native integrations for all your favourite static site generators & frameworks.

The new architecture

Image galleries

Ghost now has beautiful, automatic, responsive image galleries to better showcase your photo collections

Brand new docs

All new developer documentation to make it as easy as possible to get up and running with Ghost. Wanna see? Just press /

Bookmark cards

Paste any URL from around the web into the Ghost editor and enjoy a beautiful bookmark card embed to display your link.

Ghost has now been downloadedmore than 2M times since launchWhat started out as little more than a good idea today powers blogs and publicationsfrom Apple and NASA to Sky News

New WordPress importer

Our migration plugin now takes care of exporting all content and images in one simple archive!

Casper 3.0

Our default theme has had a complete facelift as it passes the 3.0 milestone with Ghost, now with added support for dark mode.

More free Ghost themes

We've released brand new set of free, open source Ghost theme designs as well as theme development starter kit.

Ghost Admin, refreshed

Famously fast and minimal, the admin client is what keeps the whole team happy.

While developers enjoy Ghost's speed and modern architecture, publishers come for the clean editing and publishing workflows.

Now, it's even cleaner and faster for 2019 with a fresh new coat of paint!


Automatic image optimisation and support for responsive sizes are now built in by default.

editor cards

Easily re-arrange your content with smooth drag and drop cards within Ghost's editor

Continuous integrations with Github Actions

Now you can deploy any theme to Ghost, directly from Github with every new commit.

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The Story

We’ve raised $5,000,000 🎉

As a non-profit organisation, this might sound somewhat unbelievable to the discerning amongst you — but this is a round like no other

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Who’s behind all this?

We're not your average startup. Ghost is a non-profit foundation on a mission to make free, open source publishing tools for independent publishers.

The organisation itself remains independent, sustainable open source business by operating a premium managed platform for Ghost.

People who use Ghost(Pro) fund all future development of the open source product for everyone.

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